Civil Structural Analysis

Design Training for STEEL using STAAD.Pro®

In a consulting perspective, you will learn the entire structural design cycle of a building form Scheme development to Essential basics, loading, analysis including seismic analysis, Design & Detailing of Steel structures. A complete course with projects. Hand checks, Manual designs and detailing tips are covered.

Course content


STAAD. Pro®  is a comprehensive structural finite element analysis and design application that allows users to perform analysis on any structure exposed to static, dynamic, wind, earthquake, thermal, and moving loads. STAAD comes in different variations so you can choose what’s best for you. The STAAD. Pro® program is built specifically for the building systems. It is able to hold complex and large construction models as well as its configurations. The software includes robust tools with respect to modelling analysis and designing.  Many design code standards are incorporated into STAAD to make sure that the structural design complies with local regulations. It is widely used in infrastructure design like that of tunnels, bridges and culverts. This course is ideal for both structural engineers and also for those who wish to migrate to structural engineering. 

Module 1

1. Introduction to STAAD. Pro® software for steel Design and Analysis

2. Introduction to Modelling Steel building ,steel Warehouse ,Sign board, Dome, skylight etc using STAAD. Pro® software

3. Manual load calculation and understanding of structural behaviour.

4. 3D frame analysis

Module 2

1. Structural Analysis using STAAD. Pro® software

Module 3

1. Steel Building Design–by using   STAAD. Pro® Software

2. Connection Design by Using IDEA STATICA

3. RCC Footing Design by using PROKON

Detailing and Documentation

Guide to one full live project from modelling till final design and how to prepare report for submission

Learn to use StaadPro as per industry practices in real projects

1. Design of various structures in accordance with the architectural principles

2. Design steel structures with various codes including ACI, UBC and BS.

3. Application of moments on structural steel elements.

4. Creating model by simplest method

5. STAAD PRO Modelling by using AutoCAD

6. Modelling of all the element like beam, column, truss etc

7. Modelling of DOME, Sloping roofs

8. Define materials and selection of material for project.

9. How to define/select different size/section of structural element.

10. Calculate the loads dead load, live load, MEP load etc (BS/ACI)

11. Allocate the load cases to understand gravity loads

12. Inspecting and checking the force or reaction

13. Load combinations as per British and American, Based on UBC Codes

14. Understand the structural load mechanism

15. Modelling of PEB structure

16. Modelling of Ware house /Sign board structures

17. Manual Calculation of wind load and application.

1. Assigning combination of load according to the code recommendation (BS/ACI)

2. Analyse the stress and failure

3. Benefits of simple support and fixed support

4. Wind pressure calculation – Calculate the displacement due to wind

5. Understand the sway of building and limit as per code limit

6. Understand step by step process to design any building/structure.

7. Analysis of truss

8. Analysis of PEB structure

9. Optimisation of the design

1. Design of all steel element –Hot rolled section

 2. Design of all steel element –Cold form section

 3. Design of Truss, Sign board etc

4. Connection design by using Idea statica software

5. Understanding the Different types of connection like Moment shear etc

6. Detailing of Connection

7. Design of Footing by using Prokon software

8. Design of base plate and anchor bolts design

Design Training for STEEL using STAAD.Pro

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