Design Training in MEP System

HVAC System Design

Dynatech is specialized in providing comprehensive training programs to individuals seeking to excel in the field of HVAC design within the MEP industry. Our specialized training programs combine theoretical principles with real-world applications, enabling participants to create energy-efficient and sustainable HVAC systems for buildings and infrastructure. Led by industry experts and utilizing state-of-the-art software and techniques, our training prepares individuals for a successful career in HVAC design.

Course content

1. Vapour Compression Cycle

2. ASHRAE-Human Comfort Conditions

3. Types of Heats and Heat Transfers

4. System Psychrometrics-DB, WB, RH,DP

5. System Classification

1. Design Basics (Requirements, Standards & Factors)

2. Load Estimation Sheets &ASHRAE Handbook

3. Heat Load Calculation (Manual Calculation based on a Project)

4. Heat Loss Calculation (Manual Calculation based on a project)

5. Hourly Analysis Program (HAP) -Software Training based on a real time Project

1. Design Review (HAP Output)

2. Classification of HVAC Systems (Constant Air Volume (CAV), Variable Air Volume (VAV))

3. System Division based on a Project

4. Equipment Selections-Based on computer selection sheet from Manufacturers

5. Perfomance chart review

6. Coefficient of Performance (COP)/Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER)

1. Introduction to Air Distribution System (Based on AHSRAE, SMACNA and DW Standards)

2. Duct Design-Velocity Method (Based on real time Project)

3. Duct Design -Equal Friction Method (Based on real time Project)

4. Duct Design-Static Regain Method (Based on real time Project)

5. Air Terminals and Selection of Terminals

6. External Static Pressure Calculation for Ducts

7. Fan Selection (Pressure and Noise Considerations)

1. Introduction to Ventilation

2. Types of Ventilation Systems (Positive, Negative & Balanced)

3. Smoke Ventilation System with Design

4. Stairwell Pressurization System with Design

5. Kitchen Ventilation System with Design

6. Car Park Ventilation with Design

7. Lobby Pressurization with Design

8. Mehcanical Room Ventilations

9. Types of Equipments and Selections

10. Energy Recovery System-HRU

11. Ecology Units

12. Ozone Generators

1. Chilled Water System Design (Primary, Secondary, Teritiary Systems)

2. Chillers and Chiller Selections (Air Cooled and Water Cooled)

3. Piping Design for Chilled Water System

4. Valves and Valve Selections

5. Pumps and Pump Head Calculations

6. Net Positive Suction Head (NPSH) and Total Dynamic Head (TDH)

7. Pressurization Unit and Expansion Tanks

8. Heat Exchanger Selection and application

9. Chemical Dossing System

10. Chiller Plant Manager

11. Cooling Tower Basics

1. Project Flowchart

2. BOQ and take off.

3. Air Balancing

4. Water Balancing

5. Testing and Commissioning

6. Maintenance (Preventive and Corrective)

7. Project Handover

1. Carrier HAP -Carrier HAP is a software tool for performing heating and cooling load calculations and analyzing HVAC system performance in buildings.

2. McQuay Duct Sizer – McQuay Duct Sizer software is used for accurately sizing HVAC duct systems in commercial and industrial projects.

3. McQuay Pipe Sizer – McQuay Pipe Sizer is a software tool for sizing pipes in HVAC and plumbing systems

4. ASHRAE Duct Fitting Database – The ASHRAE Duct Fitting Database provides airflow resistance data for HVAC duct fittings.

5. Excel Sheets for ESP and Pump Head Calculations

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