Design Training in MEP System

Design Training Plumbing Systems

The Plumbing Design Course offering by Dynatech is aimed at providing participants with comprehensive knowledge and skills necessary to design efficient and functional plumbing systems for various building projects. Plumbing design plays a critical role in ensuring the safe and effective distribution of water supply and the proper disposal of wastewater. This course will cover essential theoretical concepts, industry best practices, and practical applications to equip participants with the expertise required to develop plumbing designs that meet regulatory requirements, optimize resource usage, and enhance overall building performance.

Course content

1. Fundamentals of Plumbing system

2. Introduction to MEP engineering and the role of plumbing design

3. Plumbing codes, standards, and regulations

     a. International standards (IPC/ASHRAE/BS)

     b. Local authority standards (Qatar Municipality/KAHRAMAA)

     c. National plumbing codes (Uniform Plumbing Code, National Standard Plumbing Code)

4. Cold Water, Gray Water system, Hot Water system, Irrigation System Etc

Water Supply Service Design

1. Overview of plumbing systems in buildings

2. Water supply sources and distribution systems

3. Water supply in Buildings like Direct system and Pumped System

4. Plumbing codes and regulations related to water supply.

1. Sizing and selection of storage tanks and estimation of daily water demand based on building occupancy and fixture requirements.

2. Pipe sizing methods for water supply systems

3. Sizing of Booster and transfer pumps

4. Detailed Pump Head Calculation and Hydraulic calculations for pressure and flow rate determination

1. Fixtures, faucets, and fixture fittings

2. Common Sanitary Fixtures

3. Designing water distribution layouts

4. Hot water supply systems

1. Location/Construction/Types – Underground and Above Ground Water Tanks

2. Water Tank Sizing as per British standards and Local authority standards in Residential, Commercial, and Industrial

3. Sectional Tank sizing and selection

4. Demand Estimation

5. Water Filtration System

Water Heater sizing and Selection

Boiler sizing

1. Hot water demand calculations.

2. Solar Panel selection and System accessories.

3. Calorifier Design and Selection.

4. Hot Water System Design.

5. Hot Water System Balancing.

Drainage Services Design

1. Functions and Types of drainage systems (gravity, sanitary, stormwater)

2. Drainage codes and regulations (Local authority regulation and standards)

1. Standard pipe sizes for the fixtures and designing of piping systems.

2. Piper sizing methods and Calculating pipe slopes and gradients.

1. Gulley traps, manholes, Soakaway, catch basins, sand traps and venting system

2. Fixture connection methods and traps

3. Sizing of grease interceptors, holding tanks, condensate drain calculations, storm water design and pipe sizing.

4. Manhole schedule preparations, sump pit design and sump pump sizing

5. Soak away sizing calculations and Septic Tank sizing

6. Rainwater Outlet selection and Harvesting

1. Overview of irrigation System

2. Irrigation water requirements and system capacity.

3. Types of irrigation systems and their selection criteria.

4. Principles of pressurized irrigation systems.

5. Pumps and system curves (design of pumping units).

6. Irrigation systems drainage considerations

1. Introduction to Steam services design

2. Steam Generation and Boiler Selection

3. Sizing of steam boilers for commercial applications

4. Boiler sizing, efficiency considerations, and fuel options

5. Steam Distribution Piping Design

6. Pipe sizing for steam and condensate piping.

7. Steam Valves, Traps and Control Devices

8. Feed water tanks design, feed water pumps.

1. Coordination and integration of plumbing systems with mechanical and electrical systems

2. Permitting processes and documentation requirements

3. Creation of plumbing system drawings, Riser Diagrams, Isometric drawing, Working drawing and documentation

4. Local Authority (KAHRAMAA) Submission requirements


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