MEP Drafting Training

Training for AutoCAD 2D and 3D

Dynatech provides the project-oriented training in AutoCAD. This course is designed to provide in-depth training in AutoCAD 2D and 3D. Participants will learn to perform 2D and 3D drafting and drawing using drawing and editing tools, organizes drawing objects on layers, add text and basic dimensions, and prepare to plot. The course includes hands-on exercises and projects to reinforce the concepts learned.

Course content

AutoCAD 2D

This AutoCAD 2D training provides advanced drawing and drafting skills to enhance efficiency, enhance collaboration on projects, and improve the design quality.

1. Introduction to AutoCAD

2. Coordinating systems in AutoCAD 2D

3. Drawing & modifying objects

4. Organizing drawings

5. Annotating drawings

6. Dimensioning

7. Hatching objects

8. Working with data

9. Getting information from drawings

10. Working with table

11. Plotting drawings

12. Isometric drawings in AutoCAD

13. AutoCAD applications for building drawings

14. Understanding User Coordinate system

15. Customizing AutoCAD

16. Project Documentation

AutoCAD 3D

This course introduces 3D modelling concepts and methodologies using AutoCAD software. Throughout the course, participants will explore wireframe, surface, and solid modelling techniques, with a primary focus on the creation and modification of solid models.

1. 3D viewing techniques (Isometric, Axonometric & Perspective)

2. Working with simple and composite solids

3. Creating complex solids and surfaces from 2D Objects

4. Modifying objects in 3D space

5. 3D editing & manipulation

6. Advanced Solid Editing

7. More complex Solids – extrude, loft, revolve, sweep etc.

8. Display Modes (Visual Styles, Transparency, Edge Effects)

9. Creating sections, camera perspectives, and animations

10. Working with point clouds

11. Working with data

12. Converting 3D objects Working with table

13. Setting up a rendering with materials and lights

14. Creating 2D drawings from 3D models

15. Additional Editing Tools

16. Refining the View

17. Point Clouds

18. Visualization

19. Working Drawings from 3D Models

20. Working with the User Coordinate System

21. Set up a drawing for 3D Prints

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