Training in MEP System

MEP Estimation

Dynatech is providing advanced MEP Estimation Training Course equips individuals with the knowledge and skills to accurately estimate MEP (HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, and Fire Fighting) systems as per Qatar local and international standards. Participants gain a comprehensive understanding of estimation principles, advanced techniques, and industry best practices, enabling maximum productivity and career growth in the field.

Course content

1. Overview of MEP systems and their significance in construction projects

2. Role of MEP estimators in the pre-construction phase

3. Understanding project plans, specifications, and drawings

4. Introduction to estimation software and tools

5. Tendering and Bidding

6. Preparation of BOQ

7. Pre tendering and post tendering

8. Rate analysis and standard methods of measurements

9. PlanSwift – Overview

10. Construction Work flow process

11. Cost estimation and manpower allocation

12. Value engineering

13. Residential & Commercial projects estimation

1. For Design and build tenders, costing for HVAC load estimation, equipment division, and for conceptual design development.

2. Quantifying and costing of equipment like AHU, FCU, PACU, Chillers, Pumps, Heat Exchangers, Fans etc.

3. Duct Area calculation for square and round ducts, Classification of ducts.

4. Take off and costing of ducting accessories like VCD, MD, FD, Sound Attenuators, Duct Heaters etc.

5. Take off and costing of Air Terminals like Diffusers, grills, slotted diffusers, sand trap louvers etc.

6. Costing of chilled water system components like chilled water pipes, valves, pressurization and dosing systems etc.

7. Costing for Air Balancing, Water Balancing, Testing and Commissioning, Performance Tests etc.

1. Fire Fighting, protection and suppression system as per Qatar Civil Defence Department (QCDD).

2. Special Fire Fighting like FM 200 system, Deluge system, etc. calculation from layout based on area size.

3. Fire pumps, water storage tanks, sprinkler systems, fire hoses, fire hydrants, fire extinguishers, and other specialized equipment selection.

4. Special Fire Fighting like FM 200 system, Deluge system, etc. calculation from layout based on area size.

1. Costing for Plumbing design developments and drawings.

2. Take off and costing for cold water supply, hot water supply – piping, valves, pipe fittings ,supports etc.

3. Costing for concealed and exposed piping separately based on the type of pipes required as per projects specifications.

4. Costing for Pumps, sectional tank, Sanitary wares & sanitary fittings, Water Heaters etc.

5. Evaluating the drainage design and cost estimations for underground and above group piping, cdp lines, gulley traps, clean outs, grease interceptors, vent lines, rainwater outlets, road gulleys, manholes, soakaways , septic/holding tanks etc.

6. Cost Estimation for Heat Exchangers, calorifiers and boiler system.

7. Cost Estimation for pressure testing, cold and hot water system balancing, testing and commissioning of Equipment.

8. Costing for the procedures of authority approvals from Kahramaa CSD and Baladiya,(Water and drainage departments).

9. Cost Estimation for the Drainage tie in connections to city lines from ASHGHAL.

1. Costing of main supply installation.

2. Estimation of DB, SMDB, Switchgear, Bus Bar Riser, Generator etc.

3. Switches, lights, sockets, cables, cable trays, bus bar with tap off box quantity take off

4. Estimation of Wiring, cables & containment.

5. Earthing and Lightning Protections.

6. ELV Systems like CCTV, Access control, Fire Alarm etc quantity take off.

Join us to become a sought-after expert in Qatar’s thriving construction and engineering industry.

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