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Dynatech is a trusted and innovative engineering company that delivers top-notch engineering solutions tailored to our clients’ needs. With a wealth of expertise and a passion for excellence, we have established ourselves as leaders in the engineering industry. We provide proficient services in a wide range of services including Engineering Design, Project Management, Consulting & Advisory, Feasibility Studies, Project Execution.

At Dynatech, we believe in a collaborative approach, engaging closely with our clients to understand their goals and objectives. We analyze their unique requirements, taking into consideration factors such as budget, timeline, and environmental impact. Our solutions are tailor-made, leveraging our diverse expertise to address complex engineering challenges effectively.

Dynatech Qatar Project

Our engineering solutions span across various industries, including:

1. HVAC- HAP Designs
2. System Feasibility Studies
3. Ducting Designs
4. Hydraulic Calculations
5. Static Pressure Calculations
6. HVAC-Equipment Division and Selections
7. Chilled Water System Design
8. Energy Modeling and Analysis
9. Ventilation System Design
10. Equipment Lifting Plans
11. Building Automation and Controls
12. Complete HVAC System Installations

1. Electrical System Design and Installation
2. Lighting Design and Control Systems
3. Power Distribution and Backup Systems
4. Renewable Energy Solutions
5. Energy-Efficient Electrical Solutions
6. Electrical Safety Audits
7. Voltage Drop Calculations and Material Selections

Low Current

> Data and Communication
> Fire Alarm Systems
> Access Control Systems
> Queue Management System
> BMS (Building Management System)
> Audio Visual
> Lighting Control System
> Video and Audio Intercom System

1. Plumbing System Design and Installation
2.  Water Supply and Distribution -Cold and Hot
3.  Sanitary and Stormwater Systems
4.  Water Efficiency and Conservation
5.  Plumbing Maintenance and Inspections

1. Fire Suppression Systems
2. Fire Extinguishers
3. Fire Hose Reels
4. Fire Hydrant Systems
5. Automatic Sprinkler Systems
6. Dry and Wet risers

1. Clash Detection and Resolution
2. BIM (Building Information Modeling) Services
3. Construction Documentation
4.  As-Built Drawings and Reports

1. 3D Analysis
2. Steel Designs
3. Material Selection
4. Mamber /Section Selection
5. Framing System Development
6. Load Calculation
7. Designing Of Steel Element
8. Connection
9. Footing Design
10. Report Preparation

Our MEP solutions cater to a diverse range of industries, including but not limited to:

> Commercial and Office Spaces
> Residential Buildings
> Healthcare Facilities
> Educational Institutions
> Hospitality and Hotels
> Industrial and Manufacturing
> Retail and Shopping Complexes
> Sports and Recreation Facilities

Quality Assurance

Dynatech is committed to delivering superior quality services to our clients. We adhere to industry standards, codes, and regulations in all our projects. Our quality management system ensures that every stage of the project is meticulously monitored and evaluated for the highest standards of excellence.

Dynatech Qatar Project
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